Welcome to CRH's Service Site

     At CRH we wish to provide only the best in full line vending services for you and your company.

     If you need to report a vending machine that is having a problem, (not vending product, not giving correct change, warm pop, etc....).

     Please click on the CRH office that services your vending machines and then Report Problems to your left and fill out and submit the form.  A technician will be at your site ASAP.  Also please don't forget to enter your email address and telephone number .  One of our administrative assistants will email or call if there will be a delay, or if more information is needed. 

Full Line Vendng, Micro Markets, 
Manual Cafeterias ,Bottled Water, 
and Office Coffee Service
Go to www.crh-catering.com to view our other services
and service areas, includng Contacts and phone numbers. 
1600 Morrell Ave. 
Connellsville PA  15425
Of course you can reach us anytime at 1-800-CRH-VND1